Classic Bedding Design Ideas

Here’s a few ideas for you on how to dress your bed and will look great any month of the year.

Pure white 100% cotton bedding
400tc and 800tc bedding sets

1) Think about your budget and stick to it – too often people pay more than they intend to get the exact look they

want. You want to feel good about your purchase(s), not guilty.

2) Once you’ve got your budget, take a look at some design ideas on different websites or even just search bedroom interiors and look at the images on a Search Engine. There’s plenty of wonderful ideas out there.

Here’s a¬†few ideas from our team to make your bedding look stunning:-


Stick to Classic Bedding Designs

Duvet Covers & Bedding Sets

Plain duvet covers look very classy, especially white. Plus if you change your decor, white will go with anything and it’s a timeless look.

Should the bedding be totally plain? No not at all, you could try some plain bedding sets with a classic border, these are also very classy.

If you’re looking for luxury bedding sets Egyptian cotton has a lovely soft feel. Of course, the higher the Thread Count, the softer and more luxurious they are to the touch.


Accessorise Your Bed

Bed Throws

If you’re thinking white or plain is too bland, you can lift the whole look by adding a bed-throw that compliments the rest of the room. If you have a touch of colour in your bedroom, add a throw that is a similar shade to the other colour in your bedroom. Not only do throws look great and stylish, but they also keep you nice and warm in the autumn and winter months.


Bedspreads are also a great way to add colour and unique style to your bedroom. If you like shabby chic, bedspreads are perhaps the way to go. Patchwork bedspreads are very popular.


So now you’ve found your perfect throw or bedspread, why not add that finishing touch with a few classy, elegant or shabby chic cushions?

Cushions are a fabulous way of finishing the look you want to create. There are so many cushions out there to put on your bed, the list is endless. Try searching for cushions in the style you want to create. You can browse images online and get some inspiring ideas. If you’re thinking of adding cushions, just make sure they match the look/colour scheme of the rest of the bedroom.