100% Hungarian Goose Down Pillow


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Hungarian down is light, soft and fluffy. The quality of Hungarian goose down is quite superb. Sleeping on a Hungarian goose down pillow is the ultimate feeling of comfort and pleasure, which gives you the perfect nights sleep. Choose firmness between soft, medium or firm to suit your very own needs.

Our Hungarian goose down pillows are generously filled with 100% natural Hungarian goose down (no feathers) and finished with a double stitched piped edge. 

We believe in the quality of our Hungarian goose down pillows so much that we have included a 5 year guarantee.


You can expect your Hungarian pillows to last a long time. Regularly air your pillows and fluff up every morning.

Hungarian goose down pillows can to be washed at 40°C in home or commercial washing machines.

Line dry your Hungarian down pillows on a summers day then finish in a dryer at 30°C. Make sure the Hungarian pillows are 100% dry before you put them back on your bed. Failing to fully dry your Hungarian pillows can result in the 100% down fill clumping together which could compromise the performance of your pillows.

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