100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet – Superking All Season 13.5 Tog

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  • Superking 260 cm x 220 cm (9 tog + 4.5 tog)
  • Quality Assured – OEKO-Tex & R.D.S Certified
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Why Choose Hungarian Goose Down Duvets?

This superking 13.5 tog Hungarian goose down duvet, ( 9 tog + 4.5 tog ) is so luxurious that it is perfect for getting a good nights sleep. The drape of the duvet fits nicely around your body whilst you sleep.

Hungarian goose down is amongst the finest goose down you could find. Our superking duvets are filled with 100% Hungarian goose down with no feathers in sight. Perfect if you don’t like feathers and you demand the best. You can indulge yourself in this finest quality, natural duvet.

This Hungarian goose down duvet has a 400 thread count, down-proof cotton casing, finished with double stitched piped edging. The fill power is 750 in³/oz.

This all seasons Hungarian down duvet is lightweight, but keeps you warm in the winter months and cool in the summer. This duvet is naturally breathable, which helps to keep your body heat at a constant temperature for added comfort.

All our Hungarian duvets are fitted with ties on four corners and down the sides. Use the ties to join any combination of the same size duvet together.

You can expect your superking 13.5 tog (9 tog + 4.5 tog) all seasons Hungarian duvet to last a life time. Regularly air your duvet. When new, it should be aired for 24 hours before use. This ensures maximum warmth and helps warm air to flow inside it. Shake it from time to time to fill it with air.

Designed to be washed at 40°C in home or commercial washing machines. Line dry your all seasons Hungarian duvet then finish in a dryer at 30°C. Make sure your superking Hungarian duvet is 100% dry before you put it back on your bed. Failing to fully dry your Hungarian 13.5 tog duvet can result in the 100% down fill clumping together which could compromise the performance of your duvet.

Always store your freshly cleaned Hungarian goose down duvet in the breathable storage bag provided.