100% Canadian Goose Down Duvet Clearance



All clearance products are new and unused. Typical damage instances are, pen marks, torn labels, dust marks, warehouse damage etc. These products are perfect except for the small imperfections mentioned and cannot be sold at full price.

Luxury at It’s Best
Canadian 100% goose down is the best duvet filling available because the clusters are large and light resulting in more volume and superior insulation for your duvet. The finish quality is stunning, with the super soft 400 thread count cotton cambric casing, makes the Canadian goose down duvet one of the best that money can buy.

These superior Canadian goose down duvets are remarkably light and ultra soft, they are often described as ‘like sleeping under a cloud’. These luxurious duvets trap air within the duvet, which helps you to maintain a constant body temperature whilst you sleep. Keeping you cosy and very comfortable.

Finished to Perfection
Hand finished to maintain a constant high quality product. These sensational goose down duvets have double stitched attractive piping around the edges and internal and external baffle box walls.



  • Filling: 100% Pure Canadian goose down
  • Fill Power: 800 in³/oz
  • Casing: 400 Thread Count Cotton Cambric Casing
  • Quality Assured: OEKO-TEX™ & R.D.S certified
  • Internal Baffle Box Walls: Stops cold spots & filling from shifting
  • Machine Washable: 40c Maximum


You can expect your Canadian duvet to last a long time, given proper care. Regularly air your duvet. When new, it should be aired for 24 hours before use. This ensures maximum warmth and helps warm air to flow inside it. Shake it from time to time to fill it with air.

Designed to be washed at 40°C in home or commercial washing machines. Line dry your Canadian duvet then finish in a dryer at 30°C. Make sure your Canadian duvet is 100% dry before you put it back on your bed. Failing to fully dry your Canadian goose duvet can result in the 100% down fill clumping together which could compromise the performance of your duvet.


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